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My Approach

My starting point is to view each patient as an individual with their own unique set of symptoms whilst working to understand the underlying cause(s) of the presenting condition. As well as a thorough physical examination carrying out the necessary diagnostic tests and procedures (neurological, orthopaedic and chiropractic); we take time to listen to you.

We consider the patient’s specific complaint within the broader context of the whole body, medical history and environmental circumstances. A patient’s condition may emerge gradually over many years or it may be of sudden onset as a result of direct injury or trauma. Your state of health is affected by many factors: postural patterns, repetitive strain or injury, exposure to infection, sitting and sleeping positions, stress levels, nutritional deficiencies and the degree to which you are active or sedentary.

As a chiropractor, my focus of treatment is geared towards chiropractic spinal or joint manipulation as a speciality; following on from postural assessment and examination. I believe strongly in the value of soft tissue work and therefore employ a wide variety of appropriate techniques as required; including prescribing and “workshopping” rehabilitative and conditioning exercises. We also provide guidance on nutritional supplementation and access to other health-promoting measures.

Through communication and working together, my aim is to engage, encourage and support in restoring and maintaining your best possible health.

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