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Frequently Asked Questions

I am not sure if chiropractic treatment is for me?

We offer free 15 minute consultations where you will meet a chiropractor who will give you an initial screen or assessment and answer your questions. You can then decide if we can help you.

Do chiropractors only treat backs?

Chiropractic treatment is concerned with the interaction between your musculo-skeletal system and your nervous system. Nerve impulses and pathways radiate from the spine to the body’s joints and limbs – that’s why chiropractic focusses on the spine. Chiropractors may treat any of the body’s joints, muscles, joints, and ligaments although more typically the spine (and its muscles, joints and ligaments) are treated.

Do I need a GP referral to see a chiropractor?

You do NOT need a GP referral to make an appointment with us.

Are there any risks?

Chiropractic treatment has fewer risks that many other treatments such as medication or surgery (although there is a place for each of them). Serious side effects from chiropractic treatment are very rare. After treatment some patients may experience temporary tenderness around the area treated.

Will I be given treatment on my first visit?

At your first appointment your chiropractor will give you a full assessment taking into account your medical history and your symptoms. Depending on the findings, treatment may be given (with your consent) then and there, if appropriate.

Will I need to an X-ray?

X-rays may be used where they are clinically indicated and where further investigation may help to understand the cause of your problem. X-rays, CT or MRI scans are prescribed in line with current legislation and professional guidelines We will discuss this with you if this is necessary. Where we agree that additional investigations in the form of imaging would be useful, we will refer you to your GP or other local provider.

How long are the appointments?

New patient appointments generally last for up to 60 minutes and follow up treatments up to 30 minutes. Treatment times will vary depending on the needs of each patient.

How many treatments will I need?

This varies for each patient and will be discussed with you during your appointment. Factors such as how long you have had the condition and how serious it is; your age and your lifestyle (active or sedentary) all contribute to the outcome of treatment.

Will treatment hurt?

Chiropractic treatments usually don’t hurt when carried out by a qualified chiropractor. Each patient responds to treatment differently and your chiropractor will talk to you about what you can expect following treatment.

Am I too old for chiropractic treatment?

Everyone – at any stage of life can benefit from chiropractic treatment. Your chiropractor will take into account your age, lifestyle, condition and full medical history and treatment is tailored according to your individual needs.

Will my private medical insurance cover my treatment costs?

We are registered with most private health insurance companies. If you wish to make a claim under your policy, please check with your insurance provider to see if your policy covers chiropractic treatment.

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